SCPOR Affiliated Researcher Alliance (ARA) Launch

The Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR) is proud to host the official launch of the Affiliated Researcher Alliance (ARA). The purpose of this event is for SCPOR to welcome researchers to the ARA and to provide an opportunity for researchers to meet other ARA members that they may want to form research collaborations with. The event will include a structured networking opportunity.

The ARA comprises almost 60 researchers from across the province, representing research areas from a variety of disciplines, but not limited to health systems modelling, cancer research, business, math and stats, Indigenous research, nursing, public health, psychology and pediatrics. A full list of ARA members can be found below.

Food will be served throughout the event.

To attend in person please register at:


October 3rd, 2019

5:30 – 8:00 PM

University Club (101 Administration Place)

Saskatoon, SK

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Pre-Event Workshop on Sharing Circles in Indigenous Research

All ARA members are invited to attend a pre-event workshop on Sharing Circles as a research methodology. Seats for the pre-event workshop will be held for ARA members until September 3rd. The workshop will take place on October 3rd from 3:00-4:30 pm. Additional details are available at:

October 3rd, 2019

3:00 – 4:30 PM

Arts Building Room 213

Saskatoon, SK

Hotel Rooms

We have secured a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites East for anyone travelling to Saskatoon for the ARA Launch. The Holiday Inn Express & Suites East is located across the street from University of Saskatchewan and is in walking distance for both the Pre-Event Workshop and the ARA Launch.

Attendees can book guestrooms by calling the following phone numbers:


1-800-HOLIDAY (1-800-465-4329)

Hotel direct



*** Note: To check availability on the website, please manually input the group's check-in and check-out dates prior to hitting the CHECK AVAILABILITY button.***


Group Name

SCPOR Affiliated Researcher Alliance (ARA) Event


October 3-4, 2019 (anything outside of those dates please contact the hotel directly)


Holiday Inn Express & Suites East-University


1838 College Drive; Saskatoon; Bldg #2, SK; S1N 2Z8

Room Type(s) available

Two queen bedrooms at $139.00/night

Cut-off date

September 3, 2019

Group Code


Group Booking Link

SCPOR Affiliated Researcher Alliance (ARA) Event (link)

SCPOR Affiliated Research Alliance (ARA) Members

For a list of members and institution and affiliation click here

Eman Almedawe - U of R

Cathy Arnold - U of S

Sherry Arvidson - U of R

Krista Baerg - U of S/SHA

Jill Bally - U of S

Brenna Bath - U of S

Bonita Beatty - U of S

Warren Berry - SHA - Regina

Maureen Bourassa - U of S

Angela Bowen - U of S

Cheryl Camillo - U of R

Tracey Carr - U of S

Megan Clark - U of S - Regina

Adam Clay - SHA - Regina

Roslyn Compton - U of S

Scott Corley - U of S

Shauna Davies - U of R

Colleen Dell - U of S

Jason Disano - U of S

Sarah Donkers - U of S

Tasha Epp - U of S

Pamela Farthing - Sask Poly

Cindy Feng - U of S

Leah Ferguson - U of S

Heather Foulds - U of S

Donna Goodridge - U of S

Gary Groot - U of S

Kristen Haase - U of S

Heather Hadjistavropoulos - U of R

Karen Ho - U of S

Michelle Johnson-Jennings - U of S

Tarun Katapally - U of R

Alexandra King - U of S

Malcolm King - U of S

Karen Lawson - U of S

Juxin Liu - U of S

Cameron Mang - U of R

Holly Mansell - U of S

Michelle McCarron - SHA - Regina

Nazeem Muhajarine - U of S

Cory Neudorf - U of S/SHA

Juan Nicolas Pena-Sanchez - U of S

Idunnu Omisore - SHA - Regina

Sarah Oosman - U of S

Nate Osgood - U of S

Madeline Press - Sask Poly

Vivian Ramsden - U of S

Tracie Risling - U of S

Hamed Samarghandi - U of S

Muhammad Siddiqui - SHA - Regina

Ulrich Teucher - U of S

Susan Tupper - SHA

Tanya Verrall - U of S

Tara Wang - SHA - Saskatoon

Jennifer Williams - Sask College of Paramedics

Hazel Williams-Roberts - SHA – Saskatoon

Alex Wilson - U of S

Alex Wong - SHA

Audrey Zucker Levin - U of S