Krista Baerg



Research Projects

  • Canadian Surveillance of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in Children and Youth

  • SPOR Chronic Pain Network: Chronic Pain Registry

  • Medication Literacy for Youth with Chronic Pain

  • Bridging the gap between education and health: What youth and families need educators to know about chronic pain

  • iCanCope with Pain: An integrated smartphone and web self-management program for adolescents and young adults with chronic pain

Select Publications

  • #PartneringForPain (link)

  • Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program 2018 Annual Report (link)


  • Clinical Pediatrics

  • Pediatric Chronic Pain

  • Quality Improvement

Jill Bally



Research Projects

  • Supporting Indigenous Family Caregivers of Children with Life-Threatening and Life-Limiting Illness in Saskatchewan

  • Examining Parents' Online Accounts of Caring for a Child with Cancer

  • Evaluating a Theory-Based Hope Intervention to Support Parents of Children with Life Limiting and Life Threatening Illnesses

Select Publications

  • A Metasynthesis: Uncovering What Is Known About the Experiences of Families With Children Who Have Life-limiting and Life-threatening Illnesses. (link)

  • Understanding Parental Experiences Through Their Narratives of Restitution, Chaos, and Quest: Improving Care for Families Experiencing Childhood Cancer. (link)

  • Keeping hope possible: a grounded theory study of the hope experience of parental caregivers who have children in treatment for cancer. (link)


  • Pediatric Family Nursing

  • Qualitative Methods

  • Mixed Methods

  • Grounded Theory


Brenna Bath



Research Projects

  • A Community-Informed Team and Technology Approach to Chronic Back Pain Management in Partnership with a Northern Saskatchewan Cree First Nation

Select Publications

  • Bridging Health Care Access Gaps in a Remote Indigenous Community (link)

  • Advancing Interprofessional Primary Health Care Services in Rural Settings for People with Chronic Low Back Disorders: Protocol of a Community-Based Randomized Controlled Trial (link)

  • Case Report: Using a Remote Presence Robot to Improve Access to Physical Therapy for People with Chronic Back Disorders in an Underserved Community (link)

  • Get 'Er Done: Experiences of Canadian Farmers Living with Chronic Low Back Disorders (link)

  • Self-reported use of family physician, chiropractor and physiotherapy services among adult Canadians with chronic back disorders: an observational study (link)

  • Back pain? A physiotherapist may offer the most effective treatment, if you can afford it (link)

  • Enhancing Access to Physical Therapy Services for People Experiencing Poverty and Homelessness: The Lighthouse Pilot Project (link)

  • Patient and referring health care provider satisfaction with a physiotherapy spinal triage assessment service (link)


  • Health Services Research

  • Mixed Methods

  • Epidemiology

Bonita Beatty



Research Projects

  • Northern Aboriginal Elderly Caregivers

  • Social Inclusion of Indigenous Seniors

Select Publications

  • Health Care and Aboriginal Seniors in Urban Canada: Helping a Neglected Class (link)

  • Social Isolation of Seniors: A Focus on Indigenous Seniors in Canada (link)

  • Northern Voices: A Look Inside Political Attitudes and Behaviours in Northern Saskatchewan (link)

  • Indigenous Health Governance and UNDRIP (link)


  • Indigenous Health Policy

  • Collaborative Engagement

  • Local Health Development

Lindsey Boechler



Research Projects

  • Navigating a Culturally Competent Approach to Healthcare Delivery: Eliminating Disparities and Enhancing Quality of Care for Migrants and Refugees

Select Publications


  • Marginalized Populations

  • Qualitative Research

  • Health Inequities

  • Patient Empowerment

  • Patient-Oriented Research

Maureen Bourassa



Research Projects

  • How do Women Experience and Navigate Conversations Around Science with Healthcare Practitioners?

  • Experiences of Women who are Engaged as Stakeholders in Saskatchewan’s Nuclear Sector

  • The Role of Science Communication in Stakeholder Engagement in Saskatchewan’s Nuclear Sector

  • Factors for Success in Multi-Sector Stakeholder Engagement


  • Respect in Buyer/Seller Relationships. (link)

  • Exploring Perceptions of Credible Science Among Policy Stakeholder Groups: Results of Focus Group Discussions About Nuclear Energy. (link)

  • Support, Opposition, Emotion and Contentious Issue Risk Perception. (link)


  • Respect

  • Science Communication

  • Stakeholder Engagement

Cheryl Camillo



Research Projects

  • Community Responses to the Repurposing of Rural Hospitals

  • Organizing at the Substate Level to Monitor Population Health: Lessons for States from Saskatchewan

  • Nationwide Adult Medicaid CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) Survey

  • Evaluating the Success of Maryland's Kids First Act Outreach at Identifying and Enrolling Uninsured Eligible Children in Medicaid or SHCIP

Select Publications

  • The U.S. Healthcare system: Complex and unequal (link)


  • Mixed Methods

  • Population Health Research

  • Health and Social Systems Reforms

  • Knowledge Translation

Tracey Carr



Research Projects

  • Sâkipakâwin - Assessing the Support Needs for Saskatchewan Indigenous Cancer Patients and their Families: a Multi-method Study

  • Shared Decision Making in Early Stage Breast Cancer: The Development of a Culturally Competent Conceptual Framework Applicable for Aboriginal Patients.

  • A Journey With You: Indigenous Peer Navigation in Saskatchewan Cancer Care

  • The Roll of Trust and Worldview on Shared Decision Making for Indigenous People with Cancer

Select Publications


  • Indigenous Health

  • Indigenous Mental Health

  • Realist Review

  • Realist Research

Megan Clark



Research Projects

  • Health of People who are Trans or Gender Diverse in Saskatchewan in Collaboration with the Sask Trans Health Coalition

  • Enhancing and Expanding the "Know Your Status" Initiative in on-reserve Indigenous Communities in Saskatchewan: A community-engaged intervention to increase diagnosis, linkage to care and prevention of HIV, Hepatitis C virus and sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections.

  • The Wellness Wheel: A Mobile Outreach Clinic to Address HIV and HCV in Saskatchewan First Nations.

  • Deeper learning through service: evaluation of an interprofessional community service-learning program for pharmacy and medicine students.

Select Publications


  • Abortion Care

  • Indigenous Health

  • Trans Health

  • Gender Diverse Health

  • Reproductive and Sexual Health

Roslyn Compton



Research Projects

  • Exploring the intersections of leadership, interdisciplinary teams, and patient engagement processes in Home First: A Case Study.

  • Towards Improving the Quality of Life for Long Term Care Residents: Exploring the Current Factors Affecting Healthcare Provision and Health Outcomes.

Select Publications

  • Home First: Exploring the Impact of Community-based Home Care for Older Adults and Their Family Caregivers (link)


  • Narrative Methods

  • Participatory Health Research

  • Integrative Models

  • Long Term Care

Scott Corley




  • Clinical Trial Support Unit (CTSU) (link)

Select Publication

  • 'These are desperate parents': Can cannabis really treat epilepsy? (link)

  • Saskatchewan Pediatric Researcher Studying Groundbreaking New Treatment for Epilepsy (link)

  • The protocol for the Cannabidiol in children with refractory epileptic encephalopathy (CARE-E) study: a phase 1 dosage escalation study (link)

  • Dosage Related Efficacy and Tolerability of Cannabidiol in Children With Treatment-Resistant Epileptic Encephalopathy: Preliminary Results of the CARE-E Study (link)


  • Pragmatic Clinical Trials

  • Real World Clinical Trials

  • Clinical Trials

  • Clinical Research

  • Research Data Management

Shauna Davies



Research Projects

  • Online Social Support in the Saskatchewan Heart Failure Network: An Interpretive Description Approach

  • Perspectives in Nursing Education of Professional Presence on Social Media

  • An In-depth Look at the Factors Influencing the Retention Rates of Indigenous Students in the Faculties of Social Work, Nursing, and Education at University of Regina

  • Are We Upholding Communication Standards in Nursing Education

Select Publications

  • Are we upholding communication standards in nursing education: Saskatchewan Nurse Educators’ experience facilitating and assessing nursing students’ handover skills in the clinical setting? (link)

  • iNurse, iTeach Project:Success, challenges, and lessons learned (link)

  • The safe integration of iPads into healthcare practices (link)


  • Qualitative Methods

  • Participatory Health Research

  • Participatory Action Research

Marjorie Delbaere



Research Projects

  • The influence of analogies on consumer learning from direct to consumer drug advertising

Select Publications

  • Did online publishers "get it right"? Using a naturalistic search strategy to review cognitive health promotion content on Internet webpages (link)

  • Direct-to-consumer advertising and the role of hope (link)

  • Do consumers perceive their doctors as influenced by pharmaceutical marketing communications? A persuasion knowledge perspective (link)

  • Literally Experts: Expertise and the Processing of Analogical Metaphors in Pharmaceutical Advertising (link)

  • Metaphors and Myths in Pharmaceutical Advertising (link)


  • Content Analysis

  • Social Media Data Capture and Analysis

  • Quantitative Methods

  • Experimental Stimuli Design