SCPOR Affiliated Researcher Alliance

The aim of the Affiliated Research Alliance (ARA) is to support, connect and highlight the work of researchers conducting patient-oriented research (POR) in Saskatchewan. The ARA is a newly formed group, previously referred to as the SCPOR Methodologists. SCPOR is striving to have all researchers engaged in POR in Saskatchewan as part of the new alliance.

Members of the ARA will be featured on SCPOR’s website where their research expertise, POR projects and publications will be highlighted. Members will be informed of POR events, training and conferences, and will have opportunities to network and collaborate with patients, the health system, decision makers, and other researchers in the province. In addition, members will have access to reduced fees with SCPOR’s partner labs the Clinical Trial Support Unit and the Social Science Research Lab, as well as access to free services with the Clinical Research Support Unit.

If you would like to speak to someone about the ARA, please contact Methods Platform Lead Charlene Haver at 306-966-8433 or


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