Brenna Bath


Research Projects

  • A Community-Informed Team and Technology Approach to Chronic Back Pain Management in Partnership with a Northern Saskatchewan Cree First Nation

Select Publications

  • Bridging Health Care Access Gaps in a Remote Indigenous Community (link)

  • Advancing Interprofessional Primary Health Care Services in Rural Settings for People with Chronic Low Back Disorders: Protocol of a Community-Based Randomized Controlled Trial (link)

  • Case Report: Using a Remote Presence Robot to Improve Access to Physical Therapy for People with Chronic Back Disorders in an Underserved Community (link)

  • Get 'Er Done: Experiences of Canadian Farmers Living with Chronic Low Back Disorders (link)

  • Self-reported use of family physician, chiropractor and physiotherapy services among adult Canadians with chronic back disorders: an observational study (link)

  • Back pain? A physiotherapist may offer the most effective treatment, if you can afford it (link)

  • Enhancing Access to Physical Therapy Services for People Experiencing Poverty and Homelessness: The Lighthouse Pilot Project (link)

  • Patient and referring health care provider satisfaction with a physiotherapy spinal triage assessment service (link)


  • Health Services Research

  • Mixed Methods

  • Epidemiology

Malcolm King


Research Projects

  • Development of the Patient-Oriented Research Level of Engagement Tool (PORLET)

  • Indigenous Knowledge Development Centres with a Focus on Wellness - Miyo-Pimâtisiwin

Select Publications

  • Water Journey: methods for exploring the research priorities for Indigenous peoples in Canada and hepatitis C

  • In the eyes of Indigenous Peoples in Canada: Exposing the underlying colonial etiology of Hepatitis C & the imperative for trauma-informed care (link)

  • A Synthesis: Indigenous Wellness Indicators Day. IAPH-FNHA-IGIHM Conference Report, 2018


  • Determinants of Indigenous Health

  • Social Determinants of Health

  • Wellness

  • Indigenous

  • Interdisciplinary

Nate Osgood


Research Projects

  • The Impact of Service Dogs in the Lives of Veterans Who Problematically Use Opioids

  • A Journey With You: Indigenous Peer Navigation in Saskatchewan Cancer Care

  • A Combined Bio-Statistical and Behavioral Approach to Understanding Outcomes in Patients Living with HIV in Saskatchewan

  • Use of smartphones to assess active living (SMART Study)

  • Understanding the Experience of and Signs of Emergency Department Patients with Opioid-Related Complaints

  • Compassionate Care for those with Dementia Caregivers

  • Health Literacy for Patients Living with Mental Health and their Families

  • Patient and Staff Co-Design of Emergency Department Self-Triage


  • The SMART Study, a Mobile Health and Citizen Science Methodological Platform for Active Living Surveillance, Integrated Knowledge Translation, and Policy Interventions: Longitudinal Study (link)

  • Static metrics of impact for a dynamic problem: The need for smarter tools to guide suicide prevention planning and investment (link)


  • Modelling

  • Utilizing POR to Inform Modelling

  • Computational and Informatics Tools to Capture the Patient Voice

Madeline Press


Research Projects

  • Community Based Interprofessional End-of-Life Care for Persons with Chronic Disease, Dementia and/or Frailty

  • Building Healthy Relationships Among Youth in Saskatchewan: Development of a Train-the-Trainer Model for Program Delivery

Select Publications

  • Community Based Interprofessional End-of-Life Care for Persons with Dementia and/or Frailty: A Scoping Review

  • Career in Caring: Commitment to Making a Difference for Others


  • High Fidelity Simulation in Education

  • Applied Research

  • Mentoring Faculty to Engage in Research

Tracey Risling


Research Projects

  • Developing a Mobile Application to Support Healthcare Transition Success for Adolescents with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • Healthcare Utilization and Access to Care in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Rural Saskatchewan

  • Investing in Future Healthcare Solutions: Collaborating with Saskatchewan Patients to Measure Empowerment and Improve eHealth Engagement

  • Connecting With Clinicians: Developing the 5-Min Digital Download to Advance Interpretive Description in Health-Care Research

Select Publications

  • Connecting With Clinicians: Developing the 5-Min Digital Download to Advance Interpretive Description in Health-Care Research (link)

  • Defining Empowerment and Supporting Engagement Using Patient Views From the Citizen Health Information Portal: Qualitative Study (link)

  • Evaluating Patient Empowerment in Association With eHealth Technology: Scoping Review (link)


  • Health Informatics

  • Patient Empowerment

  • Patient Activation

  • Mixed Methods