Population Health Policy

Tarun Katapally



Research Projects

  • SMART Youth: A Digital Platform for Population Health Interventions (link)

  • SMART Indigenous Youth (link)

  • SMART Adults (link)

Select Publication

  • The SMART Study, a Mobile Health and Citizen Science Methodological Platform for Active Living Surveillance, Integrated Knowledge Translation, and Policy Interventions: Longitudinal Study (link)

  • Methodology to Derive Objective Screen-State from Smartphones: A SMART Platform Study (link)

  • Catalyzing Action on First Nations Respiratory Health Using Community-based Participatory Research: Integrated Knowledge Translation through Strategic Symposia (link)

  • A community-based participatory research methodology to address, redress, and reassess disparities in respiratory health among First Nations (link)


  • Digital Epidemiology

  • Population Health Policy

  • Mobile Health