Qualitative Methods

Jill Bally



Research Projects

  • Supporting Indigenous Family Caregivers of Children with Life-Threatening and Life-Limiting Illness in Saskatchewan

  • Examining Parents' Online Accounts of Caring for a Child with Cancer

  • Evaluating a Theory-Based Hope Intervention to Support Parents of Children with Life Limiting and Life Threatening Illnesses

Select Publications

  • A Metasynthesis: Uncovering What Is Known About the Experiences of Families With Children Who Have Life-limiting and Life-threatening Illnesses. (link)

  • Understanding Parental Experiences Through Their Narratives of Restitution, Chaos, and Quest: Improving Care for Families Experiencing Childhood Cancer. (link)

  • Keeping hope possible: a grounded theory study of the hope experience of parental caregivers who have children in treatment for cancer. (link)


  • Pediatric Family Nursing

  • Qualitative Methods

  • Mixed Methods

  • Grounded Theory


Michelle McCarron



Research Projects

  • Trans Health Research and Navigation SK

  • The 3 Wishes Project: Individualized, Patient-Oriented, Compassionate Care for Palliative Care Patients and Their Families

Select Publications

A prospective assessment of PTSD symptoms using analogue trauma training with nursing students. (link)

Experiences of trauma, depression, anxiety, and stress in western-Canadian HEMS personnel. (link)

Effectiveness of the Dedicated Substance Abuse Treatment Unit in the Regina Correctional Centre: A seven-year retrospective analysis. (link)

An innovative service collaboration to reduce criminal recidivism for inmates with severe addictions. (link)

Assessment and Treatment for Persons with Coexisting Ability and Substance Use Issues: A Review and Analysis of the Literature. (link)


  • Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries

  • Mental Health & Addictions

  • Qualitative Methods

  • Ethics