SCPOR Program Oversight Committee for the Mental Health & Addictions Program


SCPOR Program Oversight Committee (SPOC) Mandate

The mandate of the SPOC is to guide, finalize and oversee the SCPOR Program process. SCPOR will at one point have multiple Programs of research at the same time. Each program will have its own designated SPOC.

Guiding Principals

  • All members are encouraged to fully voice their views and share their knowledge on the issues discussed, be supportive of SCPOR’s vision, mission and values and be committed to enhancing patient oriented research.

  • All members can contribute items to the agenda by forwarding to the Program Facilitator prior to meetings.

  • All members of the SPOC will have an equal voice and voting power.

  • All information provided within the SPOC is to remain confidential.

  • Discussions will take place in the spirit of co-operation and in recognition of the shared goal of the advancing patient engagement in health research.

  • The SPOC will work toward achieving consensus whenever possible.

  • All members will be respectful of diversity and differing opinions and be honest with one another.