SCPOR Patient-Oriented Research Level of Engagement Tool (PORLET)

Everything you need to know about the PORLET

The PORLET measures the degree to which a project meets the definition of patient-oriented research described by the CIHR Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR).


How to use the PORLET

Quick instructional overview

The tool utilizes five criteria which have been adopted from SPOR published documents. These criteria are: patients are partners, patient identified priorities, outcomes important to patients, team is multidisciplinary, and aims to integrate knowledge into practice. Each of these criteria is rated on a scale from 1 to 5.

Tips for Patient Reviewers & Grants

Advice from patients that have reviewed grants previously.

This video we will provide tips and tricks for FIRST time patient grant reviewers.

Ready to try the PORLET?

Check out this case example!

Curious to know what the discussion sounds like in a review COMMITTEE meeting? Click here to find out.

PORLET Terminology

The PORLET uses a lot terms. be sure to review the glossary.


Download a copy of the PORLET


Did you know?

The PORLET was co-designed with patients!

Learn more in the following video!

It’s been really nice being involved throughout the whole entire process of developing the PORLET. We worked hard to define the different levels of patient oriented research criteria clearly. I’m looking forward to sharing the PORLET”
— Janet, Patient and Family Advisor
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