Leah Ferguson



Research Projects

  • Self-compassion in Sport: Its Stability and Longitudinal Relationships with Young Women Athletes’ Performance and Eudaimonic Well-being

  • Aboriginal Youth Mentorship Program in Saskatchewan

  • Aboriginal Women Athletes’ Flourishing in Sport

Select Publications

  • “It’s more than just performing well in your sport. It’s also about being healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually”: Indigenous women athletes’ meanings and experiences of flourishing in sport. (link)

  • “I would love to blast some pow music and just dance”: First Nations students’ experiences of physical activity on campus. (link)

  • The agony of defeat: How Olympians can deal with failure. (link)


  • Sports Psychology

  • Indigenous Health

  • Indigenous Wellness

  • Indigenous Sport

Heather Foulds



Research Projects

  • Social and Cultural Impacts on Cardiovascular Health Determinants for Indigenous Women

  • Jigging our Health

  • Journeying Together to Co-create a Foundation for Indigenous Sport Research

  • Bridging the Generations: Cultural Mentorship to Promote Aging Indigenous Women's Health

  • Engaging Indigenous Ways of Knowing to Enhance Health and Wellness

Select Publications


  • Indigenous Health

  • Cardiovascular Health

  • Exercise

  • Women’s Health

Amanda Froehlich Chow



Research Projects

  • Listening and Learning: Applying a Community-Based Participatory Approach to the Design of a Physical Literacy Model Aimed at Supporting Indigenous Older Adults to Age in Place

  • A Physical Literacy Focused Approach to Building Bonds Among Indigenous Children, their Families and Communities

  • Interdisciplinary Primary Health Care Approaches to Dementia and Chronic Conditions: A Case Study

Select Publications

  • Collaborative Approaches to Team-Based Primary Health Care for Individuals with Dementia in Rural and Remote Settings: A Scoping Review. (link)

  • Healthy Start–Départ Santé: A pilot study of a multilevel intervention to increase physical activity, fundamental movement skills and healthy eating in rural childcare centres. (link)

  • Promoting Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and Physical Literacy Among Preschoolers Attending Childcare Centres Healthy Start-Départ Santé Intervention Using the RE-AIM Framework. (link)


  • Physical Activity

  • Physical Literacy

  • Population Health Research

  • Early Childhood Development

  • Program Planning

  • Program Evaluation

Donna Goodridge



Research Projects

  • Building bridges to enhance interpersonal relationships

  • Improving Access to Support: Development and Evaluation of a Novel App for Family Caregivers of People with Dementia

Select Publications

  • “I just have to take it” – patient safety in acute care: perspectives and experiences of patients with chronic kidney disease (link)

  • Promoting chronic disease management in persons with complex social needs: A qualitative descriptive study (link)


  • Patient-Centered

  • Health Systems Improvement

  • Chronic Illness

  • Aging

Gary Groot



Research Projects

  • The Indigenous Health Collective: Advancing Indigenous Health Knowledge in Saskatchewan.

  • Sâkipakâwin - Assessing the Support Needs for Saskatchewan Indigenous Cancer Patients and their Families: a Multi-method Study

  • Shared Decision Making in Early Stage Breast Cancer: The Development of a Culturally Competent Conceptual Framework Applicable for Aboriginal Patients.

  • Scaling up shared decision making for patient-centred care

Select Publications


  • Realist Review

  • Realist Research

  • Quality Improvement

  • Implementation Science

  • Indigenous Health

Michelle Johnson-Jennings



Research Projects

  • The “Food Wisdom” Repository: Information Resources for Native Nutritional Health (SEEDS Repository Prototype)

  • Yappalli: Choctaw Road to health

  • Global Indigenous Health: Creating Relationships for Indigenous Land-based Healing

  • Tangata Whenua Tangata Ora: Investigating health gain through whenua initiatives

Select Publications

  • Developing a Tribal Health Sovereignty Framework for Obesity Prevention (link)

  • Growing from Our Roots: Strategies for Developing Culturally Grounded Prevention Programs in American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Communities (link)

  • Indigenous Data Sovereignty in Action: The Food Wisdom Repository (forthcoming)


  • Indigenous Health Psychology

  • Land Based Health Psychology

  • Community Based Research

  • Indigenous Health